Life’s Challenges

Life throws things at us at all the time. Some can be managed easily, some are more difficult.

I can help if you are Working and Caring and need to cope at a difficult time, particularly if you are working as well and need to keep your income coming in.

The three areas I focus on are:

Having Care responsibilities for managing or providing Care for an Elderly Relative. They may live with or near you. They may live miles away or be on the other side of the world. We are all living longer and need more care as we age.

I also help Loved Ones diagnosed with a Long Term or Critical Illness. Dealing with hospitals, appointments, tests and treatment affects us and can be hard to manage alongside working.

The third area I work in is for people who going through or coming out of a Divorce, particularly those who have been married for many years and now find themselves in a new situation. It can be scary but I’m here to help you cope.

Contact Me

… if you’d like an informal chat about how I can help you. I can’t change the world but I can help you cope with it better.