“Managing a team of people in a business can be a challenge at the best of times. Over the past year or so I’ve had several experienced members of staff needing to take time off at short notice or over long periods, to sort out Care for their Relatives. It’s usually but not always an Elderly Relative needing Hospital and Care at Home or a Nursing Home. 

Even when my staff are back at work, they’re really stressed, find it hard to concentrate and it affects not just their own work but that of the team as well.

When it’s one staff member we can cope, the problem comes when there are two or three at a time, which is what’s starting to happen.

I’m a sympathetic manager and I want to help them, but it’s affecting the business productivity. We’re going to start losing money if I don’t get a plan in place. I can’t see the Hospital and Care situation improving soon.  

I need something in place to help them so they can work effectively, cope better with their situation so the business continues to be productive and grow but I don’t know how to do that.

If people start to leave because they can’t cope with Caring and Working then that will cost me because I’ll need to recruit, which is costly and it’s also difficult to find experienced staff. I’ll end up with a “brain drain” and my turnover will be affected.”