Are you Working and Caring? Do you cope well? Here’s an excerpt from my Handbook “Dementia: A Practical Handbook for Working People Caring for a Loved One”. Leave me a comment below if you’d like to know the publication dates for the ebook and printed versions.

Early discussions Families and relationships are complex. The dynamics changes over the years and some people will pull together automatically to do the best they can for their Loved One. Others may not. You may need to be realistic about certain family members and whilst you may hope that they will want to help, they may not. It helps to use the strengths and skills that different people have. Some are good at practical Caring, others are good at getting paperwork sorted, another may be happy to drive your Loved One to appointments whilst another may be good at dealing with Hospitals and Social Care Services. Whatever works for you, having an early discussion with those close to your Loved One will be better in the long term, so no one turns round and says “Why didn’t you tell me?”