Why do employees who leave lose your business money?

They leave gaps in your workforce, management team or administration. This could affect your turnover and productivity. Plans, projects or production can be help up and it is expensive and time consuming to recruit to their post.

Do you know why they leave? Could they be a carer?

Are they looking after a frail elderly Loved One at home, nearby or some distance away? Are they managing Care for a Loved One with dementia or other long term condition?

Many Carers leave work because……

They’re not coping with working and caring, they feel stretched between home and work or their workplace can’t accommodate their need for flexibility.

What happens in the run up to them leaving?

They may be persistently absent at short notice

They may spend a lot of time going off to make or take phone calls

Their work and performance falls behind

They may be visibly stressed

As employees……

They will probably be aged 45 – 65

They will be an experienced employee

They may be a senior manager

They may be a highly skilled technician

They may be an experienced administrator


They will be important to your business

They will be expensive and difficult to replace


What if they decide to leave?

It will cost your business between 6 – 9 months’ worth of their salary to replace them/

It’s more cost effective to support them to stay in post.

How much is that salary cost to you?

Think about this – you may not think your business has this challenge right now, but with the number of people affected by Alzheimer’s set to rise then you certainly will in the future.

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