Talking to people about Wellbeing in the Workplace often leads to a conversation starting with “Well we always have a bowl of free fruit in the reception and coffee area and are encouraged to go for a walk at lunchtime…”

That’s only a tiny part of what Wellbeing in the workplace really is – so what is it about?

In this series of blog posts we’ll look at a range of subjects that contribute towards a happy and healthy workplace – and a happy and healthy workforce. They include:

The different types of ill health people may experience including stress related problems, mental ill health, physical ill health and musculoskeletal disorders brought about by poor or dangerous furniture or equipment.

Why their social wellbeing is important – how by establishing positive working relationships is essential and treating people as individuals with their own needs, wants and emotions. Understanding situations from different perspectives and supporting people to work together as a team.

What is mental ill health? What are some of the causes, what are the symptoms and how can you help yourself or someone else who is suffering with poor mental health.

Why your career, your prospects and your personal future are essential to your own wellbeing. Job satisfaction and a sense of achievement at the end of the day make you feel good and give you a clear sense of purpose.

Why health and safety is essential in any workplace and why risk assessments are required and a robust health & safety policy in place

Why you need to be in good physical health to remain productive at work and what can happen if you don’t take good care of yourself or you become ill

Why your emotional health is important to your own sense of wellbeing

Why good personal working relationships are good for business and what happens if there are conflicts and tensions – and what can they lead to

How leadership and management skills can support the workforce by setting good examples.

Building personal resilience and why it’s so important at times of stress, change and the unpredictable world we live in.

And then we come to healthy lifestyles – and back to the fruit bowl.

I look forward to giving you my thoughts and feel free to comment.