Leicester is back in lockdown – just when people and businesses were getting ready to re-open and get going again.

This will have a big impact on people who live and or work in the city. Their mental health and wellbeing will be negatively affected.

We’ve been gearing ourselves up to venturing out, coming off furlough, learning to work differently, finding our workplace doesn’t look the same as it did in March, having to wear face masks… etc etc. All major challenges as we can’t go back to what we know and back into our comfort zone.

Whilst no one was particularly happy about the “new normal”, at least we knew it was coming and were getting to grips with it.

This extended period of lockdown for the city and some surrounding areas will increase the anxiety levels for people as the uncertainty continues. For businesses it means that potential income will be reduced. Customers and clients will have to stay away and that will impact on the turnover and potential viability of the business.

And what about the staff working there? Their mental health and wellbeing has been up and down over the past 3 months and just when they thought there was light at the end of the tunnel – the rug has been pulled out from under their feet.

Helping staff and HR teams to cope with their health and wellbeing has never been more important – but it’s not always top of the business priority list.

Now is the time to ask yourself – do I need some help to cope?

Do my colleagues need some help to cope?  

Where can I find someone to talk to – to reduce my own stress before I try to reduce everyone else’s?


Come and talk to me – a professional empathetic confidential ear with access to specialist support services if you need them. You’ll feel much better and you’ll cope much better over the next few weeks.

Whilst this extra lockdown is unwanted, the message is “Stay safe, follow the rules, don’t try and bend them to suit yourself and we’ll all get out of this safely”