Sue Grogan

About Sue

Over my lengthy career I’ve gained experience, insight and awareness of the impact that can be caused when experienced staff have significant challenges at home that lead to them needing to take time away from their role at work. Timescales, budgets and delivery of products or services can all be affected.

I set up in business to help people, whether they be managing a business or working within that business to make it productive.
This was after a number of years in the NHS at the front line as a therapist, team manager and departmental manager. I subsequently headed up a number of large projects across health and also social care.

I followed that with a key role in a partnership that worked across the public and private sector to develop and deliver training programmes.
People skills as well as managerial and operational skills are essential to make a business productive and I use all of mine to help businesses retain their experienced staff and for those staff to cope with the challenges they have.

Who is Sue

My focus is on supporting businesses to retain their experienced and skilled staff, to save them the financial and operational costs of recruitment if those staff leave due to not coping with Working and Caring.

I built up my experience and skills through working in the NHS and other Public Sector posts as a therapist, team manager and departmental manager, heading up projects across Health & Social Care and other Government Departments.

I set up my own business and gained further experience in working with businesses to help them maintain their turnover and productivity.

I’m here to help.

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