Sue Grogan

About Sue

I set up Sue Grogan, Joined-Up Working in 2010. My aim is to help working people, particularly those with eldercare responsibilities to cope with working and caring. I want to help businesses or organisations whose employees have this challenge, to enable them to cope and keep themselves and the business productive and sustainable.

I had a lengthy career in the NHS and other public sector organisations on the frontline, in management and running projects, so gained experience, insight and awareness of the impact on services when experienced staff have significant challenges at home and need to take time away from their role at work. Timescales, budgets and delivery of products or services can all be affected.

I care about people and use my experience, knowledge and skills to provide those with eldercare responsibilities with the information and guidance they need along with signposting or referral to specialist agencies for specific advice or services.

Employees are the most important people within a business or organisation so helping that business to support them is crucial at a time when they may be struggling to cope with working and being productive alongside the stress of their eldercare responsibilities.

It’s part of Corporate Responsibility to support employees when they experience a challenging and stressful time. Supporting them is cost effective because they are more likely to stay as a loyal employee in the long term, making you an employer of choice, bringing value to your business. At a time when it’s difficult and expensive to replace experienced staff it makes economic sense to support them so they can continue to work productively and sustain the business.

As I’ve got older I’ve seen how eldercare responsibilities have affected my family, friends and colleagues. The “Sandwich Generation” of people aged 45 – 65 may be working, may have young adult offspring and grandchildren to help. Providing or managing eldercare for their parents or others is hugely challenging and stressful, but can be managed with the right information, help and guidance.

I’m here to help.

“The course helped in ways of not being able to spend as much time with a loved one when you have work commitments.”

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