Looking after Your Wellbeing: Advice for Working People Caring for a Loved One.

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This book is a reminder to put your oxygen mask on first before you try to help anyone else, to ensure you hold your mask in place as you proceed. Written in helpful everyday language, you’ll see that you’re not alone, can find a way forward and get the help you need.

Dementia: A Practical Handbook for Working People Caring for a Loved One.

A really useful guide for families coping with the complexities that dementia can bring. … trying to juggle a job, family and managing other’s expectations as well as providing care and support to a family member with a diagnosis of dementia can be very demanding and can lead to stress. This book has easy to reference chapters with really good bullet point advice to address some of the issues faced by families.

Hilda Hayo

Chief Admiral Nurse, CEO Dementia UK

A highlight of the book is the practical aspects of how to look after yourself.

We often forget to remain able to be the carer.

We need to first ensure we are looked after too.

The Nursing Times

Silver Splitters: Advice for Midlife Separation & Divorce.

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Everybody deserves to be able to access the help and support they need and are entitled to. My vision is that people know where to turn for information, help and support when coming out of a long term relationship