Support for You as a Working Person

“Everybody deserves to be able to access the help and support they need and are entitled to. My vision is to reduce the stressful impact that eldercare responsibilities have on people who are working whilst caring for a loved one and to help them to cope.”

“Juggling a busy job and life whilst caring and grieving is tough.

You have helped me to find a way through it and remember to see something every day to make me smile.”

Are you stressed and struggling to cope with working and caring?


Caring for a Loved One with dementia or another long term illness is very stressful, particularly if you are working as well. You may have others to look after, including your own children and grandchildren, adding to your stress.


Trying to sort out finances, Power of Attorney, getting carers in or finding the right Care home is stressful and time consuming. If your Loved One isn’t close by you may be travelling and making phone calls to sort out what they need. Flexible working is helpful, you might ask to take time off work but that’s not enough to sort everything out. You may think “I can’t cope”, “I can’t work and care at the same time” or “I need help”.


If you don’t know where to find information or how to get help, my online support toolkit can help, giving you that information, reducing your stress and helping you to cope. If you’d like some advice sessions with me, to talk through what you need to do or where to get some help then contact me. The details are at the bottom left corner of this page.

“This support increased my self-awareness. Some days are tougher than others and I now have more ways to get me through.”

Click here to watch a sample video of the Online Support Toolkit

Are you looking after a Loved One who needs a lot of Care? Do they live with you, round the corner or in another part of the country or even abroad? Do they have dementia, a critical Illness or a long term condition?

If you’re finding it hard to cope with working and directly or indirectly looking after them then this programme will give you information and guidance, plus confidence and re-assurance to help you cope better with your situation and the stress that comes with working and caring.

This online help and support programme content covers:

Part 1 – Becoming a carer
Part 2 – Getting finances and paperwork in order
Part 3 – Coping with working and caring
Part 4 – Keeping up to date at work
Part 5 – Dealing with the NHS and Social Care
Part 6 – Your loved one’s final journey
Part 7 – Websites and information


There are also links to downloadable help sheets and templates you can use for keeping track of medication, hospital and social care appointments and discussions about your Loved One.

Each of the 7 parts has between 3 and 6 sections with breaks built in for reflection and deciding what you need to do, before continuing.

It takes about 3 hours if you go through from start to finish, but you can stop, rewind, fast forward and repeat any part as often as you need to.

There are 3 different options you can buy and download – there is no VAT to pay.