What is the Issue?

The issue that affects us all is we are living longer.

This means more people needing to use our Health and Social Care Services than ever before.

Those services are incredibly stretched meaning more responsibility falls to family members to manage or provide Care to their elderly relatives. This generally comes in our 40’s, 50’s and 60’s when we may have our own children or young adults still living at home.

We may have grandchildren to care for. We are still working and because of our own age are experienced, skilled and may have a senior position at work. Retirement at 60 may not be an option so we try to Care and Work, becoming pulled in all directions which causes us stress.

That can affect us at work when we are distracted, less focussed, need to time off or away from our job. We still need to maintain our presence, focus and productivity at work – which can be difficult. Our employer can help by supporting us, but I can help your employer and you keep you working at a time of stress, keeping your income and position.

“It was great to have my employer offer training to help with my tough times. The support from Sue and others living the same thing was empowering.”

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